Terms and conditions

1. The poems posted must be personal.
The poems of other famous authors are not allowed only if the author himself will publish the poem.

2. Poems must be censored.
In case the given poem contains non-literary or uncensored words, they will not be approved by the moderators.

3. Authors who will violate the conditions.
Violation of the given conditions but also that can be introduced along the way will be blocked and they will not be able to post or comment on poems on the given site.


- Faithful authors will be given the opportunity to be moderators - to check the poems of other authors.
- Various Contests will take place and the winner will be offered some facilities.
- The site is not owned by the state, it is a site with all rights reserved and is intended for literary purposes and continuous development: to post poems, share thoughts, comment on the poems of others, a literary site of human-to-human entertainment .
- If you have preferences, you can write us the objections, and we will return as soon as possible.