Terms and conditions of use, Privacy policy

Terms and conditions of use privacy policy

I. Generalities
We recommend that you read this Agreement in which the terms and conditions are established, in which we offer our services through the literary poetry portal poezii.xyz.

II. Data retrieval
In the event of registration, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and you are required to comply throughout your use as a member. and otherwise do not register or use the services offered through our portal.

We reserve the right to change at any time:

Terms and conditions of this agreement
Appearance, options, facilities on the site
Periodically send emails if you have this option set.

To become a member you have to fill in the registration form with some mandatory personal data. Registration can be done through the social platforms offered in the option to register and / or through the standard option with email.

III. Use of data

The confidential information taken from the site is used only for the successful use of the services offered, but also to contact you if necessary.

In addition, they may be used to introduce you to new opportunities, offers or other information.

Your account is personalized and password secured. The password is chosen at registration and will not be sent after registration to the e-mail address where you filled in the registration form.

You must not tell anyone your password or allow another user to access your account. You also agree not to assign or sell access to the Site through your account.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information, including the careful use of data used for your authentication, whether or not your use is made with or without your consent. You are solely responsible for the security of your account and password, as well as for any activity on the site through your account. If you no longer trust the security of your account, it is best to change your password. Each user will have only one account on the site. If we find that you have multiple accounts at the same time, we reserve the right to cancel them and even deny you access to the site.

IV. The rights and obligations of a member of the portal

All texts published on poezii.xyz belong to the authors of the texts (members of the site), unless otherwise specified.

By becoming a member, you have both additional rights and obligations:

You are solely and directly responsible for the content of the information you enter on the site or pass on to other members.
You will not post on the site creations aimed at obscene, offensive, aggressive, discriminatory, defamatory, threatening, profane, illegal or any other material that violates in any way the rights of the parties involved.
The poems posted must be personal. The poems of other famous authors are not allowed only if the author himself will publish the poem.
Uncensored words are forbidden. Poems must be censored. In case the given poem contains non-literary or uncensored words, they will not be approved by the moderators.
The default communication language is Romanian, but the site is still available in two languages, Russian and English.
Authors who will violate the conditions. Violation of the given conditions but also that can be introduced along the way will be blocked and they will not be able to post or comment on poems on the given site.
It is forbidden to enter on the site photos that contain nudes, confidential information or that are protected by copyright.
You will not collect and store information about other users, regardless of their intended purpose, without their prior consent.
You will not enter the site and will not transmit through it, in any way, the materials that contain viruses, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the hard / soft operation of the computer.
You will not modify, copy, translate, sell, adapt any material or part of this site, regardless of its intended purpose.
Faithful authors will be given the opportunity to be moderators - to check the poems of other authors.
There will be different Contests and the winner will be offered some facilities.
The site is not owned by the state, it is a site with all rights reserved and is intended for literary purposes and continuous development: to post poems, share thoughts, comment on the poems of others, a literary site of human-to-human entertainment.
If you have preferences, you can write us objections, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


V. Cookies

Cookies are transmitted by a website to the visitor's hard drive for the purpose of storing certain information. Cookies are an industry standard and are widely used by most websites, including ours (to simplify a user's access to the site). This technology allows the content presented on the site to be adapted to your needs. However, if you do not want to collect data through cookies, you can disable this technology in your browser. Please note, however, that cookies may be required to provide certain services.

VI. Access to data

We assure you that we take all reasonable measures to protect your personal data, but also to keep them in a correct and current state. In the event that you discover incorrect information about yourself - please (and thank you in advance) for contacting us to make the necessary changes.